Off the plan sales or pre-sales are critical to the success of even small property development projects, they are vital to the success of medium to large property development projects. They are also essential in securing funding for projects in most cases.

QFG has an intimate knowledge of bank financing requirements and has been instrumental in assisting property developers get their projects off the ground by securing conforming pre-sales for them. QFG has been assisting successful developers with a full and detailed market assessment of their projects which then allows a holistic approach to project marketing and achieving the required pre-sale level to get the project off the ground.

If you are struggling to obtain the required pre-sales for your development, QFG can connect you to investment marketing groups that can assist with pre-sales.

While our primary role is development funding including the structuring of development finance we have an extensive database of investment sellers and real estate agents and offer a pre-sales placement service for property developer clients.